April 2019

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22 Apr 2019

Child Custody Overview

Child custody: an overview In cases of divorce, the court of jurisdiction for the divorce proceedings also determines child custody arrangements. Under the common statutory provision, if the spouses have children together while married, the parents have joint guardianship over that child and the parental rights are equal. Each parent has an equal right to the custody of the child when they separate. When determining the home in which to place the child, the court strives to reach a decision in "the best interests of the child." A decision in "the best interests of the child" requires considering the wishes…

08 Apr 2019

How Is Child Custody Determined?

In any situation where child custody rights are at issue, a number of key questions are raised. If you're going through a divorce, you'll want to know whether your child will live primarily with you, and if not, whether will you'll be able to make important decisions as to how your child will be raised. If you're a close relative or family friend of a child who is not your own, you may be wondering if getting custody of that child is even a possibility. Answers to these questions are at the root of most custody situations, but for parents…