Welcome to Legally Modern Law Group, LLC. We founded this law firm as part of our mission to provide affordable legal services in St. Petersburg

We’re also here to strive for a new model of law firm, one that is innovative, energetic, and effective without all the baggage of a traditional firm.

We get up in the morning because we love practicing law and believe in what we are doing. We have the discipline, drive, and determination to take your case where it needs to be.

We embrace complexity and challenges. We take pride in being personally available to our clients at Legally Modern Law Group, LLC in St. Petersburg.

We’re not just another law firm. An arrest and prosecution for a crime is often terrifying and confusing. A divorce is one of the most emotionally draining experiences you may endure. Foreclosure of your home can tear the emotional and financial fiber of your life apart.

An immigration visa can seem overwhelming and complex. Many lawyers charge high fees and provide vague answers about the status of your case.

We strive to be different. Our goal is to fill a niche in the community, providing competent, affordable, and reliable legal representation. If you need to find a lawyer, give is a call.

Feel free to contact us to get a feel for the unique structure of our firm.