Foreclosure doesn’t have to destroy your life.

Foreclosure of your home can plunge you into uncertainty. We’re dedicated foreclosure defense attorneys. Having worked on both sides of the industry, we can help you take back your life. We know how banks work and how to stop them. Legally Modern Law Group legal services are here for you.

If you are in foreclosure, there may be defenses that put you back on even standing with the bank. Many times the banks and loan servicers lead consumers on, promising loan modifications that never take place and urging you to default on your mortgage.

Other times, banks initiate harassing calls and cannot even show they own your loan and mortgage. They drag you through the mud, destroy your credit, and leave you at the whim of their attorneys, who rarely have any motive to work with you unless they’re pushed by an experienced foreclosure attorney.

Predatory lending to unsuspecting homebuyers has been prolific in Florida, often leaving entire neighborhoods filled with empty, vacant homes. Sadly, lenders often target minorities, those with modest incomes, large families, immigrants, and the elderly.

Since July 2013, new laws initiated by Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature have made the situation worse for homeowners. Now, courts are extremely lender friendly and have a policy of pushing foreclosure sales through as quickly as possible.

Now, judges will quickly force homes through the foreclosure process. The goal is to simply close cases and get them of the court’s docket. Florida is accelerating the destruction of many homeowners’ lives, and many hardworking people see their dreams fade as banks foreclose their homes.

However, the basic due process requirements of the law require homeowners have a chance to present their side of the story and explain their defenses. Yet, too often, innocent homeowners are swept up in the machinery of the foreclosure process, and a default judgment is entered against them.

If your home has been foreclosed on, there may still be a chance you can vacate a default judgment. Many times the homeowners were not given proper notice and did not even know what was going on. Sometimes, they were told there was nothing they could do by the bank, and they simply gave up.

Additionally, even if you want to just walk away from your home, under Florida law, you are still liable for any deficiency, and the banks may come after you personally for the deficiency. For example, the bank may sell your home for $125k and you may owe $250k, meaning the bank might sue you for the remaining $125k.

If you are facing foreclosure, it is imperative you seek a lawyer as soon as possible. With our flexible payment options and small office, we are able to give your situation individualized and specific attention at a reasonable price – we provide efficient legal services in St. Petersburg.

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